Quest LegalArticle: Legal Accessibility

August 15, 2019

Have you ever hesitated before seeking legal advice or taking action for fear of a large legal bill? Litigation is not just time-consuming but can lead to large unexpected legal fees. Litigants frequently give up on legal action against large companies with bottomless pockets simply because they run out of funds.

In a recent interview the Attorney General, Christian Porter said that more thought was needed regarding the provision of legal services to ‘families in middle Australia’. The AG felt that this was an area suited to younger lawyers and small boutique companies who can provide cost-effective services to middle Australia. The AG further felt that this important multi million dollar industry is vital for eveverydayustralians and he wanted to see the legal industry prosper and grow.

Quest Legal provides its clients with fixed price quotes for legal services and this eliminates any nasty shocks when the final account arrives.