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January 18, 2022

A trade mark lawyer assists business owners in registering their trade marks. Registering a trade mark is an effective way for your business to protect its brand. You can read our article “Trade Marks and Brand Protection” by clicking here if you would like to learn what a trade mark is.

A trade mark specialist can submit applications for trade marks on your behalf, as well as address any opposition claims made against your application and any other issues that may arise in an adverse report during the application process.

Trade mark specialists:

  • Have an internal guide to registering a trade mark

  • Know the steps involved in registering a trade mark

  • Understand the creation of the business identity, using names and logos

  • Research similar-sounding names to avoid conflict with other businesses

  • Are familiar with the risks in trade mark applications and can advise you on how to avoid them

  • Are able to complete the application form for you

  • Can provide legal remedies for you if your trade mark is infringed upon

The Trade Mark Registration Process:

The process of registering a trade mark can be complex, and it is important to ensure all the necessary steps are followed to properly protect your mark. At Quest Legal, we make the application process easy and efficient, allowing you to save time, money and energy. We can provide you with up-front quotes on what investment your trade mark registration requires, so you can budget your business costs accordingly.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  1. The mark must be distinctive;

  2. The mark can not be confusingly similar to an other registered trademark; and

  3. For example, in the movie “Coming to America”, Eddy Murphy works for McDowells Restaurant. The movie deliberately uses a confusingly similar name to the trade marked McDonalds Restaurants we all know as part of its storyline. See here. The mark can not be descriptive of the goods or services being offered.

For example, trying to register “Australian Web Design” is overly descriptive of the service offered and does not indicate anything specific about the business identity or branding.

How Quest Legal Can Help:

Much of the process involved in registering a trade mark requires undertaking due diligence to ensure you have the best chances of successfully registering your trade mark. Quest Legal provides a specialised trade mark registration service to protect your business. We ensure all of the necessary information for your registration is included in an application form, and we handle any opposition claims that may be made against your mark.

Before you apply for a trade mark, it is important that you seek professional legal advice about whether or not your proposed mark will be registrable. If you would like to discuss registering a trade mark for your business, please contact Quest Legal today.