Lawyers for Allied Health Professionals

As an allied health professional, you know the importance of strong personal relationships, empathy, and support. That’s the kind of guidance our lawyers offer at Quest Legal.

With all the complexities of patient care and practice management, it’s important that you are aware of your legal obligations as a healthcare practitioner. And engage with a legal team that truly understands the demands of your environment.

Our lawyers specialise in providing comprehensive advice and direction to health professionals and clinicians, including physiotherapists, psychologists, dentists and more, helping them navigate health law and the modern business climate. That includes complying with industrial relations (IR) laws, consumer legislation, and intellectual property rights.

The impact of IR law

IR laws affect businesses in every industry, and healthcare is no exception. One key legal consideration is the classification of workers. There’s evidence to suggest misclassification does exist in the allied health sector, and it can pose serious liability risks. Misclassifying an employee as an independent contractor for payroll purposes, known as sham contracting, can leave practices wide open to claims for unpaid wages, entitlements, and penalties for non-compliance with IR laws.

Other recent changes to IR legislation include ‘same job, same pay’ laws, mandating equal pay for workers carrying out the same (or similar) roles, ‘right to disconnect’ laws to prevent employees from being contacted outside of work hours, and Fair Work flexibility in the workplace’, making employers more accommodating of flexible work arrangements. With the rapid adoption of telehealth services, navigating this last law is especially relevant to many modern practices.

As IR experts, our lawyers can advise all levels of health professionals on the intricacies of all this evolving legislation and ensure compliance. We can help you properly assess employment relationships and implement the appropriate contractual arrangements, so you don’t run the risk of misclassification.

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Adapting to new customer law

Recent years have seen an increased focus on consumer protection legislation, with new laws being introduced to improve transparency and accountability. Complaint resolution is a key consideration for health professionals, and our lawyers can provide up-to-date counsel on customer law regulations, including the Australian Consumer Law and the Competition and Consumer Act.

We’ll help you understand and comply with all your complex obligations, including the provision of clear and accurate information to patients, fair pricing practices, and consumer guarantees. The ACCC has recently listed improving compliance by NDIS providers as a top priority, and our proactive advice can help you stay informed and on top of your responsibilities. As in allied health — prevention is almost always the best course.

Safeguarding your practice IP

With innovation consistently advancing the healthcare industry, digital copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights continue to be of the utmost importance. IP includes valuable assets for allied health professionals like trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. Protecting these assets is essential for maintaining the integrity and reputation of your practice, as well as any unauthorised use or infringement by competitors.

Across the country, healthcare professionals trust our lawyers with IP protection strategies, including trademark registration, patent applications, and drafting confidentiality agreements to protect proprietary information.

Whether it’s safeguarding your practice brand identity or innovative treatment methodologies, we’ll provide tailored legal solutions that meet your needs. Leverage our expertise in IP law to keep your assets protected — and retain your competitive edge in the market.

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